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On Focus: Missionary Biography

Samuel Porter Jones
(October 16, 1847 - October 15, 1906)

Samuel Porter Jones was one of the most celebrated revivalists of his day, at the close of the 19th century. Famous for his wry wit and masterful story-telling, he is credited as a principal influence on Will Rogers. Jones is particularly connected with the history of The Union Gospel Tabernacle, later named Ryman Auditorium. Riverboat captain, Thomas Green Ryman, was converted after hearing Jones on May 10, 1885 at a meeting which he and friends attended with the intention of heckling the preacher. According to the legend, Ryman decided on that day to build a tabernacle in which to hold revival meetings in Nashville, Tennessee (the building was home to the Grand Ole Opry for many years), and he soon approached Jones with the idea.

Early Life 

Sam Jones was born on October 16, 1847 in Oak Bowery, Alabama, the son of lawyer and real estate entrepreneur John Jones and homemaker Queenie Jones, the grandson of Methodist preacher Samuel Gamble Jones, and nephew of four additional Methodist ministers. In 1857, when Sam was ten years old, the family moved to Cartersville, Georgia, where John Jones’ parents had made their home. Jones ended up living there for most of his life. Sam had hoped to attend college, but he purportedly suffered from an unspecified medical condition (his eyes or his stomach, depending on circumstance) and began drinking heavily. Eventually, despite his Methodist heritage which included seven Methodist ministers, Jones decided to become a lawyer. He was admitted to the Georgia bar in 1868. At the age of twenty-one, Sam trekked to Kentucky to claim his bride to be, Laura McElwain (whom he had befriended during the Civil War). Though his reputation as a drunkard had preceded him to Kentucky, and Laura’s father refused to attend the wedding, Laura’s mother convinced her to keep her promise to Sam Jones—the two were wed and became lifetime companions.

Sam Jones did not stay a lawyer for long and, in spite of his hopes that marriage would save him from himself, he continued to drink heavily and destroyed his career. By 1872 Jones was stoking furnaces and driving freight wagons for a living. The death of his infant daughter sobered him for a time, before he fell off the wagon yet again. Then, in 1872, Jones was called to his father's deathbed where his father pleaded with him to quit drinking—Sam promised he would. A week later Samuel P. Jones walked down the aisle of his grandfather’s church, made his confession to God, and became a Christian. 

Sam Jones was known for preaching hard against sin and hypocrisy. He preached once at a Church dedication in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and in the middle of the service he stopped his message and asked the congregation how much they paid the Pastor. They were unwilling to tell him, but when the appallingly low sum was finally revealed, the congregation was so embarrassed that the next day he was given a substantial raise.
On October 15, 1906, Jones was returning home from a revival in Oklahoma City on the Rock Island Train. While the train was stopped in Perry, Arkansas, Sam suddenly collapsed and died. It is estimated that over 30,000 people came to view him as he lay in state in the rotunda of the Capital in Atlanta. Rev. Samuel P. Jones is now buried at Oak Hill cemetery in Cartersville, Georgia, where a stone monument marks the grave of Sam and his wife Laura.
At the time of Jones’ death, the sanctuary of what was then named Cartersville Methodist Episcopal Church was in the process of being completed. After a unanimous vote, the congregation officially changed the name of the church to Sam Jones Memorial Methodist Church (now known as Sam Jones Memorial United Methodist Church), which is still in existence today.

Evangelistic Career
Jones was accepted by the North Georgia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and began his ministry with the Van Wert circuit, a group of five churches spread over four counties. Before long his talent for preaching had him doing revivals in large cities before thousands of attendees. He was asked to speak not only for religious organizations but for the likes of state legislatures and President Theodore Roosevelt.

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Tracts That Speak More Than Words

This is a reprint:

Sometime in 2004, I read this tract that made a tremendous impact in my life. I pray that as you read it, you, too, would be touched by God in the most powerful way. Your life would never be the same...


Here is another one:

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Yea, Hath God Said...

Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Gen 3:1

Quite the words said by the devil back in Genesis chapter 3 eh? He made Eve doubt about what God said and about what the Lord told her to do and not to do. What about today in this world? Why are so many people confused and in doubt about the Word of God? There is more  doubt and confusion than ever before as no one knows which Bible is the Word of God. Through proper Biblical training by Godly preachers who love God will you ever know. You won't know nor understand if you accept the other versions as the word of God.  By doing so, a person is in doubt all the time as you see a new version and without any Biblical discernment and a true personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you will throw away the true enjoyment of that immense thrill of knowing our Saviour on a personal level. 

Why is it so many people are constantly arguing about different versions?  Why are so-called scholars so adamant in rejecting the KJB as the true Words of God and place so much emphasis on other versions?  Because they are taught to do so and in so doing they have become mockers of God by refusing to accept the KJB as the true Word of God.  They make their knowledge a god and accept their intellect, understanding and training wherever they got their training a god also. They make themselves a god because of their superiority over others who may be weak in their defense of God's Word, the KJB, as they give-in to these so-called bible scholars. But, Satan is at his best doing this movement because he loves it when people are confused and are in doubt when it comes to not knowing, and some never knowing God's true Word. 

Other versions, simply put, are tools of the Devil to weaken a Christian in his or her faith, to destroy their testimony in front of others, and to disfuse their faith in God Himself. Other versions have a copyright and the KJB has no copyright. Wonder why? Through much prayer and asking wisdom from the Lord will He give it to those who love Him and seek Him. In turn God Himself will show and answer  those prayers that His Word the KJB is His Bible.  Nothing anyone else can say to refute that, with the exception of the naysayer and doubter who will try to challenge and dispute which only as fool would do who is full of pride. It is a fool who argues and disputes against the Word of God when he refuses to believe that God has a Bible as history has been shown over and over again through it.  Proper training teachesthat the KJB is God's Word and not the other corrupt versions which are all based on Westcott and Hort's beliefs and manuscripts.

So to end this, prayer is needed and humiliation in front of God Himself as He will tell and answer you in prayer which is His Bible and He will answer you. Only a fool would try to make you doubt and argue with you if you tell him/her that the Lord answered your prayer and told you the KJB is His Holy Word. No one should, but doubters and liars will try to make you believe it was not God that told you in answered prayer, but the theologians and superiority of man will puff themselves up with pride and try to persuade you that you did not actually have answered prayer but only a word from the devil. Deceivers, liars, doubters, who dishonor God Himself with their pious and prideful deceptions to try to make you give in to them and their beliefs.

Never listen to them as they as filled with the darkness of the Devil, otherwise they would not try to bicker and argue with you. The Devil is the Father of lies and he leads man and women to lie for him and try to deceive others as well. The Devil hates God, Christians, and anything to do with the Bible that God Himself wrote. The Devil will slander God's Word through other people who have no true wisdom or knowledge just to pry the Holy Bible out of a true Christians hands to lessen His relationship with God Almighty. Satan will even make it look good to mankind that other things are acceptable and it is alright to live lifestyles that is worldly and carnal, i.e. adultery, lying, cheating, stealing, killing, abortion, sodomy, other gods, religion, works to go to heaven and not salvation, covetousness, lewdness, pornography, pride, fornication,drinking, drugs of all kinds, backsliding Christians, false witnesses, mockers of sin, mockers of God Himself, and the list goes on and on and on. God hates all these things and all are abominations to Him.

Are they to you? Or are they an outlet for you? Are you in a fantasy world caught up in the luxuries and lusts of this world and does it look desirable to you with all the filth that you can't perceive anymore right from wrong? Good from bad? Evil from love? Love what is evil and hate that which is good?

DO YOU? Are you saved? Have you ever been under great conviction in tears,and repented and then got saved by Jesus Christ? If you have no conviction then you cannot be saved my friend and dear soul. Salvation is only a call away.

But God commendeth His love for us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

(c) May 2010, Michael Carey