Friday, July 31, 2009

Trust And Obey Still

Trusting and obeying God is very difficult when we are too much preoccupied with our own selves, and even with others other than Him. God does not say we cannot anymore do anything else, but that He wants us to trust and obey Him in everything we do. This means obeying God by doing what is honest, true, right and Godly that even in so doing, we sacrifice a lot of our worldly needs and wants. It also means trusting Him to spare us from the dangers of doing anything that could hinder us from obeying Him, whether great or small.

Now, friends, if doing one of the many commandments of God is always difficult and a struggle, then how can we do all the things He ask of us? How can we trust and obey Him when love for Him is lacking in our hearts? Remember always that He loves us first. He died for us. He gives us a chance to life eternal with Him in heaven. He is always a forgiving God if we honestly repent or ask His forgiveness. We may not be perfect in loving Him back, nor fully trust and obey Him in His will; but, we just love, trust and obey Him still. If we fail in some ways or another, that does not mean we do not have a chance anymore, well --- unless we are already dead and in life, Jesus Christ was never a Savior to us.

For as long are we are still here on earth, we face difficulties always that may question our faith. If we really love Him and this is the only chance left of us, trust and obey Him still. Remember again, that we are already saved by the grace of God through faith, and we have the assurance of heaven. We must never quit while we are still alive because that is what Christ wants of us.

Friends, just go on trusting and obeying Him.

(c) August 2009, Luisa Mercado

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Writings of David J. Steward (Recent Articles)

Think Of These Things

Philippians 4:8, "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

We are living in the perilous times foretold in 2nd Timothy 3:1-7. America is not going to hell, it has gone to hell. It's bad enough that people crave the daily newspaper which is saturated with death, scandal, violence and filth; but that's not enough, they want to go buy movies that feature death, scandal, violence and every filthy sin imaginable. But that's not enough, they want to watch reality crime shows on TV that feature blood-stained walls, mass-murderers, sickos and psychos. The majority of American society cries out for more blood and guts, more sexual sins, more corruption, give us more, more, more. It is heathendom.

The Bible instructs us in Philippians 4:8 as born-again believers to think about things that are honest, just, pure, lovely, good news, things of virtue and praise. The Word of God tells us to... THINK ON THESE THINGS. Something is wrong with a person who looks forward to reading all the daily scuttlebutt and crime in the daily newspaper. Such people tend to be very self-righteous and hypocritical towards others who sin. If you want to learn more about the filthiest sinner and the most rotten person you can find, go look in the mirror.

American society is enamored with crime, bad news, perversion, sick-minded people and every sort of sin imaginable. It is evil. There is something spiritually and mentally wrong with a person who loves to read and hear about the misfortune of others. I realize that bad news is sort of like a train-wreck... you try not to look, but curiosity causes you to look anyway. Tragically, many Americans have become infatuated with bad news, crime and scandal. They love it. This is unhealthy for an individual, as well as for the home and society. It would be a wonderful thing if America could go back to a more simpler time when television and movies didn't exist. We ought not desire to see crime, bloodshed, violence, and every sin conceivable on the television screen. That is what the Devil's children desire.

As born-again Christians, we are supposed to preoccupy our minds with better things the Bible teaches. We need to focus and meditate upon things that are lovely, pure, of good report, virtuous and things of praise. The Word of God is certainly something that we need to think about continually. Psalm 1:2, "But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night." It is no coincidence that television, movies and the newsmedia are saturated with crime, sexual sins, violence, and all manner of evil. Satan wants to corrupt society. Satan wants to undermine your home. Satan wants you to live in fear of walking down the street. Satan wants you to distrust your neighbor. It is a shame what America has become. So many people in society have become distrustful of everyone because of all the bad reports, crime, and evils things that they hear on the news. The truth is that only a very small handful of people are committing these crimes out of a nation of 300,000,000 people. The newsmedia love to create fear, panic and paranoia in society.

As believers, we ought to turn the television off and only read a limited amount of news from trusted Christian sources. We don't need to know all the gory details of every crime being committed in the world. Many people enjoy hearing of such things, which is a reflection of their evil heart. Christians should despise blood and guts type of horror movies. It's not good for the soul to see such things. The eyes are the window to the soul. There are many hobbies, subjects, activities and things in this world which are pleasant and peaceful, which are of good report and pure, which are acceptable to God to dwell upon. However, it is counterproductive to anyone, especially children, to view crime after crime on television. The TV desensitizes society to the awfulness of sin; whereas the Apostle Paul stated that "sin by the commandment might become exceeding sinful" (Romans 7:13). The Word of God shows us the awfulness of sin. This is why the Bible has been banned from all public schools since 1963, because the Bible makes children aware of the awfulness of sin. Without the Bible, children readily accept abortion, fornication and homosexuality as acceptable lifestyles; but God's Word condemn such practices as sinful.

I would encourage anyone reading this article to seriously consider how much bad news, crime-filled movies and horrible things you watch on television or the internet. The Bible says that God wants all of us to think on things that are lovely, things that are pure, things that are of good report, et cetera. Sadly, most people think and talk about other people in a negative manner. Gossip is a sport, a cheap form of entertainment, to many people. It is sin. Why don't you talk about yourself, how rotten of a person you really are, and tell everyone that you love to gossip and destroy other people's names. Gossip is evil, rooted in self-righteous hypocrisy. Jesus said in Matthew 12:36, "But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment." God is going to judge mankind even for the words they have spoken. No good work or evil work will be left unnoticed. We will give account to God for everything.

THINK ON THESE THINGS! Remember that phrase. God wants us to have clean, pure and virtuous minds. God wants us to think about good things, lovely things (not lustful thoughts), pure things, things that are honest, et cetera. The newsmedia are a bunch of liars. I don't watch much mainstream news because of all the lying propaganda. I hardly ever watch TV, because I choose to control what I think about. I would rather think about God's creation, spend some time in nature, ponder the Scriptures, play a musical instrument, cook a good recipe, do some gardening, build something, et cetera.

Someone recently said to me, "I wish I had all the talents you have." I told them that I'm not really talented, I just applied myself to learn different things. Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. I taught myself to play steel guitar. I've been playing for 17-years. I started playing acoustic guitar 27 years ago. I play some banjo, harmonica, et cetera. I taught myself to cook. I remember the first time I tried to caramelize sugar and it turned black and I lifted the entire pan with the spoon glued in the burnt sugar. I learned by trial and error. Now I can make great homemade flan. I taught myself to make a website and built this ministry slowly by God's grace. I didn't know what I was doing when I started, but I had DESIRE. All the talent in the world means nothing if a person doesn't have desire. I'm not very talented, but I applied myself to certain areas and became good at them. A person can become good at just about anything if they do it long enough, even destroying other people's lives which some people are experts at. I've used my God-given abilities for good to help others. I've missed a lot of TV, thankfully. I spent my time doing something constructive. As far as I'm concerned, television is the biggest waste of time in the world.

We all have one life to live and then we must stand before God to give account (Hebrews 9:27). We all have 86,400 seconds in a given day. What we do with that time is up to us. Your mind is what you make it. Garbage in = Garbage out. I choose to use my time for God, for good, for things that are lovely (like music), for things that are pure (like teaching the Word of God), for things that are of good report (soulwinning), et cetera. I don't want to fill my mind with television's death, killings, filth and worldliness. You don't need talent, you just need to find an area of interest and apply yourself. THINK ON THESE THINGS!

Religion Is The Worst Thing That Ever Happened
(Posted with Author's permission)

Religion is the worst thing that ever happened to this world. Tons and tons of books about the religions of the world have been printed. The figure is beyond count. Many religious people are totally blinded by the good deeds system. They have no concept of the doctrine of the total depravity of man (that all men are corrupt, evil, sinful and unable to please God in their own human efforts). They think of “total depravity” in terms of people who lie around in the gutter. Actually, those individuals who lie around in the gutters might be respectable compared to some religious people.

The sins of religious people are amongst the most awful sins of all. The sin of pride for example is fantastic. The sin of legalism is the system of trying to impress God with something you can do, rather than be impressed with what God has done through Jesus Christ.

Let’s consider a religious person talked about in the Bible. His name was Nicodemus. He was a very well educated man. He was a Pharisee (religious leader). Nicodemus was a very proud, vain, legalistic and hypocritical man. He came to Jesus at night, for Nicodemus was a very busy man. No doubt, he hoped to impress Jesus with his flattery. He addressed Jesus as “Rabbi” (an official title of honor). To Nicodemus, Jesus was a teacher, nothing more. Though Nicodemus had a body and a soul, his spirit was dead. He had no ability to fellowship with God, because he was “spiritually dead”. He had never been born spiritually.

If you are to be “born from above” or “born-again”, you must accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. This is such a wonderful truth that is taught in the Bible. Many people, far beyond count, just don’t believe upon the Son of God. They believe in a God; maybe a god of wood, of stone, of metal, of spirit, of knowledge, of power, of nature, etc., etc., etc. Religion by the ton, of every sort, of every kind. Religion, religion and more religion. People have all kinds of ideas what God should be like. If they can’t find a god that is already made for them, they will make a new god to their liking. It is very difficult for some people to realize they are sinners, they feel they are very good people. Many don’t believe in a god, of any kind. They do not believe that there is anything beyond the grave. In short; many believe we are born, live and we die, the end!

However, so many questions about life are with us all the days of our life and they must be answered one way or another. In this life, a time comes when we must settle in our hearts whether or not a God does exist. Is there life after death? Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? What is the purpose of life? Does God really give us eternal life? Will God actually punish people in hell? Is God, if there is a God, telling me the truth? Look at the world today and the destruction sin causes! Will the wicked really be turned into hell? WE ALL HAVE TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS AND MANY MORE because they need to be answered. No person can escape having to decide the answer to these questions; no one, it’s a part of life! You may decide you want nothing to do with God at all, but THEN THAT IS YOUR DECISION. See, you have to decide! Many religions will offer you answers to these questions, but the answers are not found in religion. The answers are found in a person, the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son!

Miracles are happening today, just as in the time of our Lord Jesus. You may have not thought about this before, but it takes a miracle to become a child of God. Salvation is a supernatural act of God in response to our child-like faith in Christ alone. When we reach that point in life where God has drawn us to make that decision to either accept or reject His Son Jesus Christ as our Savior from sin, a miracle will or will not take place; depending on what we do with Jesus. Whether we reject or accept the Son of God as our Savior is totally up to each of us. If we reject Christ, no miracle of the new birth takes place.

On the other hand; if we accept Christ as our Savior, admitting that we are sinners and that we do want Christ to come into our hearts, our sins will be forgiven immediately. The new birth takes place immediately...not partially over time, not in steps; but instantly the very second we accept Jesus as Savior. We then belong to God, we are adopted into His family. A miracle has taken place and according to the Scriptures, there is no power, no person, or anything in this universe that can separate us from the love of God; which is in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:35). The question of accepting or rejecting Christ must be settled in your heart. Whether you are a church-goer, give lots of money to charities, and do all kinds of religious works, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is—ARE YOU A BORN AGAIN CHILD OF GOD? No amount of religion or outward self-righteousness can help you on judgment day. Salvation is not found in a religion; but in a person, Jesus Christ. It’s simple! You are a sinner in need of a Savior. Stop trying to save yourself and decide to rely upon Jesus. Only Jesus paid for your sins, so only He alone can save! From your heart, simply ask Jesus to forgive your sins and become your Savior. Decide to rely upon Him alone to save your soul, because of the precious blood that He shed for you (1st Peter 1:18,19).

There's so much Corruption in the World, why Criticize Religion? | Accepting Different Religions?

"For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God. For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth." —Romans 10:3,4

Remembering David Brainerd, Greatest Missionary

Just a few days ago, Mike told me about the many people of olden days that had inspired him to serve God more through preaching. Those he mentioned I already recognized because I looked at their works in the internet. They were just simple people tremendously used by God because of their entire submissiveness to His will and authority. Their preaching resulted in many saved souls.

But, among these great men of God, who was David Brainerd? I spent many hours yesterday in the internet digging through his short biographies. I ended up reflecting emotionally (and teary-eyed, too) because for me he was, perhaps, the greatest missionary of all times.

I am going to share a "very short" synopsis about his life story (actually in a summarized and non-formal form). Here it is:

• Missionary to the American Indians in New York, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania. He was born to a rich and very prominent family in Connecticut in 1718 and died of tuberculosis in 1747 at the age of twenty-nine. John Edwards edited and published his diary.
• He was from his youth frail and sickly, even melancholic throughout his life, and was struggling against tendencies of depression, but these did not deter him from serving God to the fullest.

• His missionary work to the American Indians was not comfortable like the home he was used to because he was living as a poor man in a very hostile, indifferent and poor community with them.
• He thought of himself as incompetent and inadequate for his job, but his devotion and love to the Indians far outweighed his feelings. In his diary, he wrote: “My soul seemed to rely wholly upon God for success, in the diligent and faithful use of means. Saw, with greatest certainty, that the arm of the Lord must be revealed for the help of these poor heathen, if ever they be delivered from the bondage of the power of darkness.”
• Furthermore, he said, “It is impossible for any rational creature to be happy without acting all for God. God himself could not make him happy any other way... There is nothing in the world worth living for but doing good and finishing God’s work, doing the work that Christ did. I see nothing else in the world that can yield any satisfaction besides living to God, pleasing Him, and doing his whole will.”
• Jonathan Edwards wrote of him as “having put his hand to the plow, he looked not back, and gave himself, heart, soul, and mind, and strength, to his chosen mission with unfaltering purpose, with apostolic zeal, with a heroic faith that feared no danger and surmounted every obstacle, and with an earnestness of mind that wrought wonders of savage lives and whole communities.”

• David Brainerd relied solely on God for his work. He never gave up his faith and the ministry that God entrusted him. He prayed simply that the power of the Holy Ghost might come upon him so greatly that the Indians would not be able to refuse the gospel message. Through constant prayers, God worked for Him that in three-year time, He gave him great success in the ministry. Many American Indians were saved!

• He also prayed for the advancement of the kingdom of Christ around the world and especially in America. After his death, his journal and diary inspired countless of missionaries over the years to reach millions of souls around the world for Christ. William Carey (Father of Modern Mission) was among them who read his diary and went to India.
• John Piper wrote of him: “Brainerd’s life is a vivid, powerful testimony to the truth that God can and does use sick, discouraged, beat-down, lonely, struggling saints, who cry to him day and night, to accomplish amazing things for his glory.”

Friends, try reading more of David Brainerd’s story because he sure was a very true man of God. I hope, too, that you will be encouraged to do more for God in His service. You surely see that God can work mysteriously for your life and mine. Who knows He will call you for His service one day soon. Are you ready? Mike and I are.

Reference: David Brainerd: Missionary by Fred Barlow, Missionary Biographies, Worldwide Missions

(c) July 2009, Luisa Mercado

Monday, July 27, 2009

Humor in Style

Better die an old maid, sister, than marry the wrong man. (Billy Sunday, Great Evangelist)

I was reading the quotations made by Billy Sunday just a few minutes ago and could not but laugh at some of them. Yes, I may have found them a little humorous, but I could not deny that they, too, had in-depth messages of truth directed to inspire or convict us... maybe a lot more!

Friends, why don't you try reading the quotations written by Billy Sunday on the "Link Blogs and Websites" of the sidebar column, this blog? The website is entitled Billy Sunday Sayings - Christian Quotations - Echoes from Glory. I am sure you will enjoy it.

You start reading now and you will see. You will find yourself reflecting as it did me. Happy reading!

(c) July 2009, Luisa Mercado

Friday, July 24, 2009

Questions From God

Revelation 2:4
"Nevertheless I have [somewhat] against thee, because thou hast left thy first love."

Why have you left your first love, Me?

Am not I good enough to you that you don't feel the need to worship Me?

Why do you not pray to Me enough when you have the time?

Why do you ignore Me and not thank Me enough for all I have blessed you with and given you?

I, your Father have loved you, so why do you not abide in My love?

I have given you life, what have you and are you giving Me?

Why hast thou forsaken Me My son/daughter? And why hast thou left thy first love, Me your God?

Who are you that you won't read your Bible as much as you should so I can speak to you?

Why are you so comfortable in your little world and lifestyle that you forget Me?

Do you know I am God Almighty? I am the great I AM? There is none other.

Why do you not do as I command you, to feed My sheep? And My lambs?

Do you have a burden and heartfelt desire for lost souls like My Son Jesus did?

You know I am a God of love, anger, and wrath, but do you know I can make you obey Me and do My will?

Many scorn and mock Me and blaspheme My Holy Name, but do you know I am not mocked? Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Why do you not pray to Me like you used to?

Am I that unimportant and insignificant to you that you refuse to soften your heart to My call for you and give in to Me so you can be the center of My will for your life?

Have you ever thought I can take all away from you what you own and have and leave you like a 'Job' ?

What would you do if I took away your home, your work, your means of transportation, your friends, your entire family? Would you charge Me, your Lord God, foolishly and still not sin?

I love you, but do you love ME, the Lord your God? My Word says, "if ye love me, keep my commandments". DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT?

Are you more concerned in following ME and surrendering to ME and obeying ME? Or are you more concerned with what others think of you if you decided to do what l ask of you, then not doing it because of your shame for Me?

Why is it you twist MY Word and scripture verse, '"submit yourselves therefore to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you"? Your way is opposite as YOU submit to the devil, you resist ME, so you make Me flee from you. How could you, so called Christian, do this to the one who created you?

How can you sing "sweet hour of prayer" to Me your God, yet quit after 2 or 3 songs, and not even give Me one hour of your time to me in prayer? Do you hate and detest Me that much that l am not worthy of that from you?

Why is it that when someone I call to preach My Word, when he says something that requires acknowledgment on your part that is Biblically true, you won't? Can't you even prove your love and faithfulness to me by raising holy hands to Me, say amen, glory to God, alleluia, shout at the sound of My holy and reverend Name? Why are you so quiet?

Is it because you are trying to hear intently and discern what you think is Biblical, and you are trying to interpret Biblically what you think I mean in My Word based on your opinion on whether or not you should agree with what the preacher is saying? Your opinion is NOT the point, My word and I am the main point of the message. Your interpretation is not even based on My Holy Word but your own ignorance is blatant as you try to dismantle my precious Bible to your own liking instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you and teach you and fill you to acknowledging me the proper way that you should be.

You are My servants and my friends and I am your Master. Will YOU serve ME faithfully till death? Do you love ME with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength? I love you, dear sinner.

l judge the righteous and l am angry with the wicked every day too? Are you the righteous who will go to heaven saved by My grace? Or are you the wicked that will fall under My wrath and be condemned to hell after your death?

You go to church and use it as a crutch, you make light of what is being preached, you come to socialize and to hear a sweet "oh make me feel good" sermon, then slander the preacher when he preaches on what is needed to be preached on, SIN. You make yourself look of somewhat importance in the sight of others and come with a pompous and wickedly prideful attitude, but come as a sweet person, and outside of church you revert to your wicked gluttonous lifestyle. You say l am a Christian but you refuse to go to church as I COMMAND IT, IT IS A DIRECT COMMANDMENT FROM ME.




(c) July 2009, Michael Carey

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Faithfulness Amidst Adversities

Early this morning as I attended the 4 o'clock, MWF regular intercessory prayer meeting of a local baptist church two houses away from my sister's home, I was amazed at the faithfulness of few people who had been constantly coming to church since day one just to pray. This was in contrast with the silence of the surrounding neighborhood who were undoubtedly faithful, too, in their sleep. I do not say we were noisy then while praying. On the contrary. In fact, most of us were praying in utmost silence and in agreement to the pastor's near-low voice as he led us.

As the pastor started listening to our prayer requests, thoughts began flashing in my mind. Every soul attending the prayer meetings had very reasons to be there! Most had gone through adversities in life. Others had near-death sickness traumas, and prayers for relief had been mightily answered by God. No one believed in times wasted there. We remained faithful and expectant because we knew that God answered and will continue to answer our prayers. Yes, we have been faithful amidst adversities because we have trusted Him fully.

Friends, let me share you some of our real stories hoping they would build Godly foundations in your heart. Here they are:

Her family are close to my family because we are more than relatives. She was an attractive woman and had many suitors. We went to college together, she got married to our relative, and we worked in the same government agency. For many years, she suffered from a toxic goiter that almost deformed her face, and nearly ended her life.
It was a great struggle and a fight for death when God started to move in her life. With God's help, she fought and won.

All those years, the doctors told her not to get pregnant because it may mean death for her, but she had two beautiful gifts, a girl and a boy! She has now regained more than three -fourth of her beauty, which experts wrongfully said could not be undone due to eye deformities. What inspired our prayer group most is her attitude of going to church in all it's activities: dawn or dusk, sick or healthy, monied or not and for any reasons.

Our town does not have pedicabs (we call them in Cantilan, tricykad)
early in the morning, so she had to walk half a kilometer alone, sometimes with her daughter, on a partly dark road just to attend the prayer meeting. She trusted God very much to protect her. She said many times that it is better to die in church with God than somewhere else. When she said that, I, a paralyzed, had been encouraged to attend every morning prayer since then.

Another story is from a once-very-rich family who lost their finances because of failures in business. They had to struggle facing years of wanting after decades of enjoying too much abundance. Good thing, God has other means for them to survive because the wife is a teacher. They are now sending their last child to college. Their daughter is now in the last year of BS Nursing. They are blessed, too, with married children who are doing good in their own carriers. One is now a successful business entrepreneur like they were once. Thanks God for their constant prayers.

Pastor, himself, is a multi-task and very skilled man who tried to support his family of four (his wife is a plain housewife-intercessor). He could never get a permanent salary job because he would never leave the ministry. For him, it is first priority.

Our church is not big and there is no financial support from big, financially-stable sister-churches. Many times, during the early morning prayer, I noticed the Pastor lacking in sleep, but he was there with us and would always be present in any activities of the church, be he in good health or not unless bed-ridden. Church's bulletin board and its blog say our church activities are: MWF Early Morning Prayer, Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting, Friday Night House-to-House Bible Study or Last Friday Night Church Prayer, Saturday Afternoon Service, and four Sunday Services (whole day
at different intervals that include ministries in outreach house-churches ) - all in one week! Friends, these are weekly schedules. Again, we really thank God for His abounding grace and mercy.

I still have many stories to tell you, but it would take too much time to read them all. But, I do believe that in all of them, Christ is clearly manifested and honored. Truly, there is faithfulness amidst adversities.

(c) July 2009, Luisa Mercado

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

True Beauty Beyond Skin Deep

Beauty is skin deep...
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...
Beauty is what you see and feel...

Wow, they are wonderful descriptions beauty portrays -- yes, in a worldly sense, maybe a little soul-uplifting. But, the thing is: when a woman becomes old and wrinkled or meets an accident that ruins just even her face or she dies a natural death, nothing is left of the beauty that she purports to be. Then, the story of a woman of beauty has ended.

Strange isn't it? Woman has to be so cautious of her appearance that nothing sometimes is left of her time, but taking care of herself in a very meticulous fashion. This is very true to a lot of women: rich or poor, young or old, pretty or not. What happens then to her real time with God, family and friends now? Maybe, they can do without her anyway. What a pity.

True beauty is not what all the fashionable stories we heard about women portrayed in mass media. It is not even about the glamour of the outstanding, beautiful women of our neighborhood. It is beyond skin deep that you, your mother, your friend, your neighbor or just anybody may have, but not noticed. Why? That’s because it is a true and natural beauty of a very caring and loving woman who touches everyone's heart by her exemplary love for God and fellowmen. It is never an aura to lure God of a chance to heaven. It is a natural portrayal of true beauty as a result of salvation through Christ alone.

Let me ask you, friend (man or woman), have you lived life wanting to look beautiful and grand on the outside? Have you tried to look respectable when you do something for somebody in your own accord? Have you portrayed yourself as a good-looking, poised though humble person ready to get admiration by helping others? Have you done something good or even better everyday, in style and fashion, to boast your desire of heaven-reward? Think. These may be greatness to men, but not favor to God.
Jesus Christ alone can turn your life upside down to make you a true beautiful person after He alone granted you salvation. He can even make you exemplarily great in words and deeds, if He likes, without your influence. Yes, friend, He can make you very beautiful even beyond description (and skin deep) in His own time. Just wait.

(c) July 2009, Luisa Mercado

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Epitome Of True Christian Man or Woman

I like to believe that there is a good example of a very true man or woman of God, after he or she has been saved by grace of the Lord Jesus Christ through faith (and nothing more). Good works are just results of this salvation.

With this thought in mind and with due respect to some people who have been striving hard to become very honorable men and women in public (not much in private though), I came up with how they look like, act like, feel like, talk like, live like, and be like, hopefully, in the very sense of the word, and perhaps to see some patterns of behavior you and I may learn and follow.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's watch these:

Prayerful Person (praying unceasingly)

Reader of King James Bible (loves to read everyday)

Good Follower of Christ (follows what is right before God)

Loving Husband and Wife (loving each other always without expecting return)

Loving Family (takes care of family with love)

Good Worker of Christ (serving with passion and no payment)

Good Thinker and Doer of Good Deeds (thinks and does what is beneficial and Godly)

Trustworthy (can be trusted at all times)

Hard Worker (works for the good of God, others and self)

Good Watcher (watchful always in whatsoever right as a true Christian)

Good Cook and Homemaker (dependable at home and everywhere)

Animal Lover (always being kind to animals)

All-Around, Good Helper (if it needs be, then do it for the glory of God)

Happy Old Man (still being graciously happy at old age)

Happy Old Couple (remaining steadfast in love and service even in old age)

...and much, much more that I forgot telling you about them!

So, friends, I know you have abundant ideas in your minds. I imagine too, that you could tell me much better things about a true Christian. But, nothing beats a life that is surrendered willingly and wholeheartedly to the Lord, so that He can take over it the way He wants it lived. I am very sure it is a very fruitful
and happy life.

Thanks for reading. See you again soon!

(c) July 2009, Luisa Mercado

Mike's Previous Pen

Luisa wrote:

These were other poems Mike wrote in Couple's Nest, Volume 1, that I found very much a good reading material. Friends, I posted them here again for you who have not read them yet. I hope you like it. Here they are:


The more you love God each day......

The more you show obedience and surrender to God each day......

The more you say with a truly humble, honest and contrite heart each day: "I love You Lord"......

The more you revere and honor Him each day......

The more you allow Him to give you humility each day......

The more you allow God to work in you and through you each day......

The more fire and desire you have in your heart for the Lord each day......

The more you thank God for ALL OF HIS BLESSINGS AND MERCIES that He gives you each day......

The more passion you have to follow Him and to be more like Him each day......

The more you pray to Him each day......

The more you read His HOLY WORD, the KJB, each day......

the more God will answer your prayers,
the more God will speak to you through His Word,
the more grace and mercy God will give to you each day,
and the more God will nurture you with His never-ending love.

(c) June 2009, Mike Carey


J -------- is my joy and the joy of my salvation. He is my all in all, my one and only.

E -------- He is all I ever need. He means everything to me. He is excellent and His mercy endures forever.
S -------- I am His servant and I serve only one Master. He is the sweetness that I desire and crave for. He is the Son of God and He puts as song in my heart.
U -------- He understands me better than anyone on earth and He gives me unction.
S -------- His free gift of eternal salvation is just a call away. My Saviour who fulfills my needs, He saved me from hell and His condemnation.

C -------- I cast my cares on Him for He careth for me. He is compassionate and He is my comfort.
H -------- He is my high tower. When I am low, His arms lifts me high. I'll see Him soon in heaven. He hearkens to my voice in my time of desperate need and when I am truly humbled.
R -------- He is holy, just, and righteous. He restoreth my soul and He is my blessed Redeemer.
I -------- With Him nothing is impossible. I am His instrument for Him to use. I love Him because He first loved me.
S -------- His blood cleanses me from all sins. When I repent after I sin, He showers me with His blessings.
T --------
A taste of Him and you'll want more and more. I do. When I thirst, He fills me. He is truth.

(c) June 2009, Mike Carey

What We Really Need Is An Earth-shattering Holy Ghost Awakening

..... all across our country and a wake-up call to every dead minister behind the pulpit.

..... to shake the foundations of every spiritually dead church.

..... to bring alive the weak-kneed, back-boneless so called man of God who does nothing for the glory of God, get him out of his heathen pride, and make him get busy for the Lord to win souls for Christ.

..... slap the back-sliden Christian to reality and bring him/her back to Jesus' arms.

..... for the Holy Spirit to convict all those prideful and black hearts, break their wickedness and open themselves up so that the glory of the Lord can shine in.

..... for the Christians to get right with God for the last time and live for Him till their death or till the Lord comes back in all His glory.

..... and offend everyone with the preaching of God's Word to humble them to their dirty knees and cry out, "Have mercy on me, dear Lord" with tears of repentance, then tears of joy as they accept Christ as their personal Saviour, whooooooooo.

..... to shatter and break the hearts of the rebellious reprobates, the hypocritical heathens and self-righteous mockers of God so that they may be convicted and saved to be with our Lord in heaven forever.

..... to make the new Christians know they are someone special to the Lord and realize they can be used mightily by the Lord if they are not and will not be swayed by the personal opinions of others when it comes to the WORD of God, His precious King James Bible.

..... to bring revival back here, to have God step down from heaven and put His hand and fire in each of us to serve Him more than what we do.

..... to keep us from mocking God by the other heathens’ perverted ungodly versions that are being used for the glory of man.

(c) June 2009 Mike Carey