Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let His Will Be Done

Just recently, I have undergone the hardest part in my life. It is the decision to release my beloved to God first before me. At first, I thought I was doing it. I thought I truly allowed Him to direct us. I thought God is with us when we plan to marry soon this December. Mike thought, too. We were ready to brave the rough seas because we believe it will really be the opportune time. We believe it will be the day intended for us because we prayed for it a long time. I believe it was the case of God allowing it because it was our desire. Afterall, for Mike and I, more than four years is enough waiting.

Then we face too much hindrances and difficulties even at the beginning. It was then that God told Mike it was not yet time because His plans are greater for him with me, if I will wait regardless of how long it will take. We were hurt, but He prevailed. Now we understand. He will put things in order.

I love God and I love Mike very much. We are still in love, but we defer everything for him to pursue the plans God has for Him. He has other plans for me, too. At God's appointed time, He will fulfill His promise for us. Let His will be done.

(c) September 2009, Luisa Mercado

Monday, September 21, 2009

Home Loving

Our stories in life begin with the home where we came from. I was born in a family that put more special meaning to loving than becoming rich and famous. We were brought up as Catholics. We went to church together every Sunday as one family. My parents were devoted in what they believed in, but they exposed us to reading bible stories, too. I could remember we had many volumes of illustrated bible stories at home aside from other books that my father loved reading. I usually offered these bible books to my friends when they came to play in the house with me. We were exposed to reading, too. My father used to say that books are the best decorations.

Those bible stories may have paved the way for my seeking true allegiance with Christ. Now I am a Baptist. I firmly believe I am a true Christian. I read my King James Bible regularly.

It has always been my dream to go into mission long before I met my fiance. I also asked God to let me be married to a man willing to go on mission, too, so that we can go together. Sooner after, I met a man who later decided to let God change his life completely without my influence. He wants to go on mission, too. God honors my desire.

Mike is a true Christian Canadian aspiring to go on a mission in my country, Philippines, one day soon. His story went back to a very devote Christian mother who guided him through the prayer of salvation at the age of 11. Although he had many heartaches before because of his bad choices, God brought him back to His fold because he is always His. The home that God created for him is His. Now, we know that our homes have great stories to tell us about who we are.

The Mercado's were not rich, yet the bond of love has brought us together even when all my brothers and sister got married and have families of their own. I am the eldest and very soon will tie knots with the man I love. No wonder I do not worry about getting married to someone poor for as long as he has God and loves me very much. With God's help we can nurture that love together, meeting all challenges in life with Christ as our captain.

At first, I was worried specially that I am halfway paralyzed, and may not be the wife Mike may have expected. But, Mike has shown me all the loving he can possibly give though we are distance apart. He has always been there since January 2005, first as a friend and now my beloved. He may not be rich, but we trust God for His riches to sustain us. We cling on to Him to direct our future as we will serve God in mission in the Philippines. God has promised through His word about healing me completely, too. I believe Him. One day, my country will become Mike's home, too. One day soon we will get married in the Philippines!

Friends, our homes are where our stories begin, but Christ is still the mighty foundation of our home-stories. We can always stand firm when He is in our homes. Make Him the entirety of our home-story at all times. He sure will make a great difference.

(c) September 2009, Luisa Mercado

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sorry For The Error

Thanks, friends, for helping me out with your messages. They truly help me realize to watch out better. Perhaps it was due to the paralysis I am suffering now because of stroke one and a half years ago that pushed me to consider what might be a little option, if true. My experience with paralysis is something that I should say a lost hope had I no God who made all things possible specially when finances are way behind my medical needs. I trust the Lord very much that He can move mountains for me. He is doing it now.

I was not able to see the comments even from my first cousin and from Mike about the blood-letting because the computer I was using was again out of order for two days. Perhaps it was God's mighty hand behind all these because AN ERROR IS ALWAYS AN ERROR and A MISTAKE IS ALWAYS A MISTAKE.

I am very sorry for the post. It was done out of good intentions, and so I thought. I pray you will still be here with Mike and I to support us as we continue to write with the desire to please God in our lives. We pray, too, that He would honor that desire.

Thank you very much. God bless us.

(c) September 2009, Luisa Mercado

Monday, September 14, 2009

You Are Saved... Aren't You?

Do you know that you are the only most blessed person in your family, if you are the only one saved, friend? Yes, you are the only one who will go to heaven! Aren't you? This is very good news for you because those who do not accept Jesus as personal Lord and Savior; well, including your family and friends; will all go to hell.

Wait! Are you really saved, too? Ask yourself sincerely. Heaven or hell are surest places. Just think... You or I have to do something and now to avoid going to hell, because we know it is a tremendous place. The only way to do this is to make sure we are bound for heaven. Why now? Because, friend, many people die everyday, young or old, and for whatever reason. We do not know when is our time. Maybe a few minutes from now, something may happen.

Just a few days ago, a friend met a car crash that took her life. I do not even know if she was saved or not. Even my life, being a paralytic, is very frail. I live one day at a time, but I am never afraid because Jesus is my personal Savior and Lord. I am sure of this. You?

Why don't you read the passages below, three of them (two I wrote)
about true salvation. - Grace, Faith and Salvation: All In One; and Are You A Born-Again Christian? Check yourself and really ask if you are saved. After that, ask yourself if you have spent precious times really telling your families and friends about Christ and His offered salvation. Have you really shared the gospel to them because you love them? Do you want to see them in heaven one day, too? You do not know whom God would save, but nevertheless share. Do not be ashamed or afraid. Do not even be discouraged.

Friends, think now. There is still time.

(c) September 2009. Luisa Mercado

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Blog: This Brighter Side Of Life

This is my new blog. It's different because it talks about anything wholesome for God's glory. Anything means technology, health, sports, family and home, and anything worth writing.

Friends, you are most welcome to visit. God bless us.

(c) September 2009, Luisa Mercado

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Golden Thoughts, Golden Hands

For years now since Mike discovered the website of, we have been sharing Christian cartoons that particularly have spoken to our hearts. We are now sharing them with you in the hope that you, too, would be touched by them with the deepest kind of God's love that your lives would never be the same again.

Friends, here are some of the hundreds of works by famous Christian cartoonists of years yonder.

a) E. J. PACE


c) Urban Sereno Abell

Praise God for them!

(c) September 2009, Mike Carey and Luisa Mercado

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Poems For The Heart

This is a re-post:


Shake, rattle and roll...
But not to Elvis' song.

SHAKE the minister up behind the dead
pulpit by the Almighty God...

RATTLE him with the conviction of the
Holy Spirit to get busy for God,

and if he doesn't...

ROLL him out from behind the pulpit and
kick him out the door.

(Written for pastors and ministers of God as they perform their duties on the pulpit. It is also a reminder that God should be lifted high at all times.)

(c) April 2009, Michael Carey


Amidst uncertainties in life, we trust the living God;
Who knows just what's in for us, our destiny He molds.
His plans are certain, oh my friend, though we may never know;
But they are all for good, dear one, that's what I promise you.

If people hate us without cause, yes, them we should ignore.
When all around may seem to fail, we trust God more and more.
There's one sure thing that we can do and that's to let them go,
Then peace will reign deep in our hearts, the peace of God so true.

Our lives, for sure, we can rely: His peace and loving care;
And nothing bits the promised hope of heaven's surest lair,
If we would surely trust in Him, our lives to Him we pledge,
For certainty, we are God's own, our enemies would flee.

Ain't it good to trust in God always?
We hope we can do that...

(This was written minutes before I wrote a government institution regarding my birth certificate problem. God answered the prayer of Mike and I.)

(c) May 2009, Luisa Mercado


There's one little book I just took for granted,
T'was left on a shelf, all dust and neglected.
Nothing of value, I thought it was so;
Life's more important, that I did know.

Took me a merry, myself I was proud.
Wasn't life happy, I felt so secured,
Then out of the blue, this wanting reside
Dug deeper inside, my soul cannot hide.

Then now I remember that one little book
All covered with dust, tossed in a nook;
With one heart's desire I grab it so fast
Wanting to know what is hidden at last.

It tells me great things of heaven above,
How Jesus does save, He sure is a God.
I know that by now, this book is for me,
No better to read, this sure I can see

(c) April 2009, Luisa Mercado

Love's First Glimpse

This is a re-post:

Indeed, it was love's first glimpse for Mike and I as we saw each other personally in the Philippines last April 16, 2006. He is an English-speaking Canadian.

Before that, we had chatted and e-mailed for almost a year, both had seen each other on webcam, and had exchanged pictures by mail, but never had we thought that our first personal meeting would blossom into a love so deep that it crossed beyond boundaries.

Yes, we believe our love is God-destined and will one day meet it's appointed date in marriage. We may not be rich materially nor we expect to be living in luxury, but we will be more than happy to share each other's simple necessities and needs. Love can do it all. Most of all, God can move mountains for us. We truly trust Him completely to do the work in us as we serve Him in marriage, God willing.

I am a victim of stroke and almost recovering. I have been like this for one year and almost three months now. Mike has always been there (on the internet, but real) through thick and thin, in sickness and in health and has never left me. Our relationship will be four years by June 2009. He has never changed.

I really thank God for Mike's real commitment and love. Truly faithfulness begets faithfulness, and true love begets true love. He loves me, no wonder I love him, too.

(c) April 2009, Luisa Mercado

How To Come To My Place Cantilan... (Maybe You May Love to Visit One Day)

Here are the routes, my friend:

A. FIRST ROUTE (Arriving Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila):

a. By Plane to Tandag
Manila - Cebu City (1 hour) any plane
Cebu City - Tandag (1 hour) any plane
(Tuesday-Wednesday-Sunday; Departure Time: 11:30 a.m.)
Tandag - Cantilan (2 hours) - bus/jeep/van

b. By Plane to Surigao City
Manila - Cebu City (1 hour) any plane
Cebu City - Surigao City (1 hour) any plane
(Check Departure Days and Time)
Surigao City - Cantilan (3 hours) - bus/jeep/van

B. SECOND ROUTE (Arriving Mactan International Airport, Cebu City):

a. By Plane to Tandag
Mactan Local Airport - Tandag (any plane) - then follow first route

b. By Plane to Surigao City
Mactan Local Airport - Surigao City (any plane) - then follow first route.

c. By Ship to Surigao City
Cebu City Pier - Surigao City Pier (overnight) via Cokaliong Lines
(Every night except Sunday; Departure Time: 7:00 p.m.)
Surigao City - Cantilan (3 hours) - bus/jeep/van

I hope to see you around soon. GOD BLESS ALL OF US!

(c) September 2009, Luisa Mercado

Music For The Soul

A few days after we started Couple's Nest Volume 1, we decided to come up with a separate blog solely for music. One major purpose was to separate the songs from the write-ups we did at the "nest" so that there would be no "unclear identity" of presentation. Music is music, prose-and-poetry is prose-and-poetry.

Because we love music, particularly gospel songs sang in our baptist churches, we came-up with carefully selected YouTube video presentations which can be heard on computer headphones or speakers, and added to them lyrics we copied from the internet. The accompanying lyrics were particularly written so that readers can really master the songs they like. We even included some chords along these songs for readers who love to sing with guitar accompaniment.

We are still continuing to update the songs from time to time, and we never stop doing so for the glory of God.

Friends, do visit our song blog, "The MikenLuisa Minstrel", at See you there!

(c) September 2009, Mike Carey and Luisa Mercado

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Are you speechless when it comes to fellowship with Jesus Christ? You would be if you know Him as your personal Saviour. If you don't know Him, you won't be. If you are a very strong Christian, you would be speechless. A weak one? You won't be.

Oh, to be like Jesus Christ is to know Him personally and to touch Him as we reach out to Him and feel His arms encircle us with deep love. If we could ever show Him the deep, tender, passionate, intimate, amazing love that our Lord Jesus shows us each day, oh my, we would be more in love with Him every single day of our lives! We would be more convicted, and more afraid of His consequences if we dare sin against such a Holy God.

Why we sin against Him is because we have no fear nor reverence of such a truly wonderful, magnificent and Holy Lord God. Many times we make Him out to be the God we expect or want Him to be for us. What wickedness on our part and what retribution we all will pay if we continue in this way. He truly loves us all, but He is also angry with the wicked everyday. He hates our sins whether they are on purpose or not. The little sins we do are just as hurtful to Him as any big sin. Sin is sin, no matter what we say, do, act, or react.

How do you picture our great Almighty God? I have four points for you that our Lord has laid in my heart to tell you about.


He gives more to us each and every day. We do not deserve His great abounding grace that He so willingly gives to us, hell-deserving sinners. This is one major and main reason why He deserves our SPEECHLESSness toward Him. We should be so overwhelmed with His endless grace (and we don't deserve to have) that we should be on our face everyday thanking Him for what He has given and allowed us to have each new day of our living lives. If not for God's grace, we would be going to a sinner's hell. He is the best thing that could ever happen to any of you reading this (You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, Victoria Valley Girls). Is He worth you being SPEECHLESS towards Him?


How is He so good to us? Why, read your Bible and you will see innumerable passages that state His goodness to us. He is good to us because He gives us what we need to survive each day. He gives us His tender mercy we don't deserve. He gives us His Holy Spirit to convict us of our terrible sins. He shows us our need for repentance and turning back to His arms to be held one more time, one more day. He gives us food, clothing, shelter, transportation, our every need each day. He gives us more than we ever deserve.

Speechless yet? It should be. He should make us all speechless and in tears EVERYDAY knowing how good our God truly is. He doesn't have to give us anything as we all deserve to go to HELL. Most of all (and the best of all), He gave us His SON Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us and shed His blood so that we may all have life. His SON gave us a choice whether to go to heaven or to hell. Out of His goodness and abundant mercy He has saved me, and you, too, I pray. Are you SPEECHLESS yet?


How much mercy has He given you? Me? So much that l am still alive today to write this, and that when I die I will go to heaven not hell. If not for His mercy, we all would have no choice in anything. We have a liberal, rebellious attitude, full of hatred and bitterness many times. To be rid of them, He gives us His grace, His goodness, and now His great mercy. God does not have to show mercy to any of us. He can allow us to die a horrible death, but due to His grace, His goodness and now His mercy, we have a choice to be saved, become a child of His and be heaven-bound, or reject Him and go to hell.

Well,... SPEECHLESS yet? Is not our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ not worth your worship of Him?


Have you painted our Saviour in a corner where He can't touch you, lift you and hold you with His loving arms? Oh, please don't reject, and deny Him and His pure love for you. He does love you more than you know. He will save you even though you may feel defenseless in not knowing which way to turn. His love is endless, everlasting, and enduring. He is waiting to embrace you, bring you back to Him if you are saved and if in a back-slidden state, He will bring you out of it. If unsaved, He loves you and did not make hell for you or me. Hell was made for the devil and his demons, not for man or woman. His love overflows so much that it can't be contained. Come to Him. The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.

SPEECHLESS in a way that He is gracious, good, merciful, and loving?

Any words you like to say? Convicted? In tears? On your knees in repentance? Christian, have you given in to Him, confess your sins yet? Repented yet? Ask His forgiveness yet? Has His Holy Spirit been touching you now? Are you feeling anything? Non-christian, have you accepted Jesus as your Saviour? If so, you will go to heaven. Don't go to that nasty terrible hell when our God has a beautiful place awaiting you in heaven, if you come to His Son Jesus Christ. Oh, what a day that will be when we will see our Jesus in heaven waiting for us one day very soon. No gloom, no despair, no tears, no fears, no being tempted by the devil anymore. To see our Jesus face to face and to be like Him, we shall be like Him, to be perfect, and to have peace, joy, happiness for ever.

(Written after I sinned against our Almighty and wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. This is soon to be written in sermon form.)

(c) August 2009, Michael Carey

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Friends, we have a temporary break because something happens to the computer. But, that does not mean we will not be with you soon. See you all!!!