Sunday, December 27, 2009

As promised: Eat-All-You-Can Ice Cream Party!

Eat-All-You-Can Ice Cream Party

Children loved ice cream! 

Fathers, too, enjoyed eating ice cream while somebody took picture of them on cam!

 Shhh... he was praying.

...and they played.

They listened to God's word, too!

Maria Elena Escasiñas said on Facebook: 

"♥Thank you for people who have decided to go out their ways in helping us not only in prayers, but also in sharing of their resources and of giving us financial assistance. I'm blessed to have friends and family members, who volunteered to helped out on last Saturday's event. Honestly, it's really humbling. God is so good and ever merciful. Only one life so soon it will pass, only what's done for Christ will last.♥" 

This is after the party she gave to the children last December 26, 2009.

"Serving Others" mean doing something good for people without expecting anything. God sees and He knows how to repay.

Mike and I always pray be have done something to our brethren no matter how small. We pray this post would have spoken what they deserve. Thank you very much. God bless us all!


Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

So beautiful....what better way to bring happiness to the hearts of children!

Anonymous said...


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Keith and Julie Loveless said...

Looks like fun! Hi, my name is Julie Loveless. I've been visiting some fellow blogs on the KJV Blog Directory. Come visit me sometime at "It's A Loveless World." We love meeting new people at our blog. God bless your faithful service. Julie

Deborah said...

Just stopping by to say hello! I'm visiting from the KJV Blog Directory.

Anonymous said...
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MikenLuisa said...

Friends, thank you for your comments. Those who left nonsense messages, may you reap what you sow as God will deal with people according to what is due them.

Our prayer is for all to be blessed by God through this work because this is a place where God is given most respect.

Mike and Luisa

Tori said...

Green Irish, Green rivers, Green blogs.
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)