Friday, April 23, 2010

God Does Cry You Know, But Do You?

 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if [there be any] wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. Psalm 139:23,24

I have that one verse for you all. I am  pondering what does God think when I say I love Him? Yet, I have little or no more feeling towards the ONE who created and given me the miracle of breath for life? What about when I sin and never search myself to find out what I did and why I did it?  Should I not examine myself and see what is in my heart for GOD Almighty instead of being worldly and ignoring the ONE who is weeping for me because I don't acknowledge HIM and His sovereignty, grace, and mercy? 

The Lord weeps not just for me, but also for you and the rest of the world, especially the Christians who ignore the Lord Jesus because of their blatant denial of Him due to there ignorance and superficial pride.  We do not realize that as sinners (read 1 Timothy 1:15), we need our Lord Jesus Christ more than we realize it.  We need to lower ourselves more than anyone does, submit, surrender and humble ourselves more than ever to God now because Satan has a hold of this dark, dingy, desolate world.  Therefore, it is not enough to know we are saved from Hell nor we are saved from Satan's paws when he reaches out to grab all the lost and even make Christians backslide for his purpose. There is more.

Friend, let me ask you several questions and answer them honestly.  Do you search yourself and see what sins you may be hiding in secret? Do you have secret faults that you hide from others and yourself?  (Well, we all have secrets we don't admit, right?) Furthermore, have you searched your heart and allow the Lord to see the deeper side of your soul you hide much from others?  (We can hide nothing from our great God in heaven.) Do you allow God to see your deep innermost thoughts and ask Him to reveal them to you?  Do you get convicted and humiliated so that you can repent and ask His forgiveness?   Or, do you backslide and  intentionally harden your heart to what He is trying to convict you on?  Are you asking Him to see what wicked and vile sins are in you so that you can repent them and get right with Him?  Or, again, are you rebelling against Him?  Have you strayed from His arms when He is always ready to take you back?

A tear is shed by our Lord Jesus every time one of His children rejects His teachings, denies His Holy Word, led astray by the world, lives in rebellion and is liberal-minded, sins yet never repents of it, plus so much more that I am sure many of you can think of. A tear is shed every time we sin against a Holy God.  He can, at any time, wipe us off the face of the earth without even a wink! A tear is shed by our Lord God when we backbite, gossip, commit adultery, fornication, lie, cheat, steal, covet, blaspheme, lust, have other gods, etc. The list is endless.

Search yourself and your thoughts.  Ask God to forgive you.   Only after you have been convicted by Him, have repented in tears, and have turn away from sins never to go back to them, will He make you clean and spotlessly white. You can only be given His righteousness after you are born again and saved. 

DO YOU CRY FOR THE SINS YOU COMMIT AGAINST GOD ?  Or, do you think you have none? Do you look in the mirror, cry and ask God why He allows you to even live another day?  Do you watch your reflection and ask Him to convict you? Do you ask His forgiveness after all you do against HIM? Do you hate the sins in your life enough to cry out to GOD, ask Him to show you more of your sins so that you can confess them all and ask for HIS mercy?  We all deserve hell.  None of us deserve to go to heaven.  God has every right to send us all to eternity of misery because of our sinfulness, rebellious hearts and severe attitudes.  

Have you asked the Lord to search your heart and thoughts?  Does He bring to the surface your secret sins and be convicted so that you  can confess?  Admit your sin-guilt, and hate your sins with a passion if you fear  Him, and even at one time if you disobey Him?  Yet, the big problem is, we have no fear of GOD.

To fear GOD is to be obey Him.  It is to be afraid of the consequences when we decide sinning.  We must avoid sin because we respect, revere, and fear the Almighty. We are not to fear men nor what they can do to us  because of  our  relationship with the living God.  We must fear GOD.

(c)April 2010, Michael Carey

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