Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Thoughts

You want revival, but is it well with your soul? If you want the glory of God Almighty you better descend to HIM before you ascend. You want the anointing and unction of the Holy Spirit? You better get in deep travailing prayer. If you think of yourself to be something, you'll grieve and quench the Holy Spirit that He won't come and work in you to bring the Lord glory.

No tears, no conviction, no repentance, no saving grace from Jesus Christ our Lord. The glory of the Lord won't flow in you like a river, if you won't allow Him to humiliate you and be surrendered to His will. If you want your heart fully blessed you better keep your eyes on Lord Jehovah our God. No trust in the Lord? How you expect Him to supply all your needs? Get right with God, and IF you're willing to trust, surrender, obey, humble yourself and give in to Him wholly. He will hear your hearts' soul cry.

No tears, no conviction, no repentance, no prayers, NO revival. Want to get nearer to God? Then go to Him. What are you waiting for? Run in His arms and He will pull you in to His bosom. You pull away, He'll still be there waiting for you to come back, my friend. If you want God to be thou your vision, you better visualize Him in you heart, soul, and mind, and allow Him to come and accept Him, otherwise you will have nothing but darkness forever.

(c) April 2010, Michael Carey

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