Monday, July 27, 2009

Humor in Style

Better die an old maid, sister, than marry the wrong man. (Billy Sunday, Great Evangelist)

I was reading the quotations made by Billy Sunday just a few minutes ago and could not but laugh at some of them. Yes, I may have found them a little humorous, but I could not deny that they, too, had in-depth messages of truth directed to inspire or convict us... maybe a lot more!

Friends, why don't you try reading the quotations written by Billy Sunday on the "Link Blogs and Websites" of the sidebar column, this blog? The website is entitled Billy Sunday Sayings - Christian Quotations - Echoes from Glory. I am sure you will enjoy it.

You start reading now and you will see. You will find yourself reflecting as it did me. Happy reading!

(c) July 2009, Luisa Mercado

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