Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Epitome Of True Christian Man or Woman

I like to believe that there is a good example of a very true man or woman of God, after he or she has been saved by grace of the Lord Jesus Christ through faith (and nothing more). Good works are just results of this salvation.

With this thought in mind and with due respect to some people who have been striving hard to become very honorable men and women in public (not much in private though), I came up with how they look like, act like, feel like, talk like, live like, and be like, hopefully, in the very sense of the word, and perhaps to see some patterns of behavior you and I may learn and follow.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's watch these:

Prayerful Person (praying unceasingly)

Reader of King James Bible (loves to read everyday)

Good Follower of Christ (follows what is right before God)

Loving Husband and Wife (loving each other always without expecting return)

Loving Family (takes care of family with love)

Good Worker of Christ (serving with passion and no payment)

Good Thinker and Doer of Good Deeds (thinks and does what is beneficial and Godly)

Trustworthy (can be trusted at all times)

Hard Worker (works for the good of God, others and self)

Good Watcher (watchful always in whatsoever right as a true Christian)

Good Cook and Homemaker (dependable at home and everywhere)

Animal Lover (always being kind to animals)

All-Around, Good Helper (if it needs be, then do it for the glory of God)

Happy Old Man (still being graciously happy at old age)

Happy Old Couple (remaining steadfast in love and service even in old age)

...and much, much more that I forgot telling you about them!

So, friends, I know you have abundant ideas in your minds. I imagine too, that you could tell me much better things about a true Christian. But, nothing beats a life that is surrendered willingly and wholeheartedly to the Lord, so that He can take over it the way He wants it lived. I am very sure it is a very fruitful
and happy life.

Thanks for reading. See you again soon!

(c) July 2009, Luisa Mercado

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