Monday, July 20, 2009

Useful To God In His Service

Friends, this is my own story...

Many times I ask myself how I can be useful to God in His service. I cannot speak well due to stroke that haunted me more than one year ago. I was half-way paralyzed – yes, immobile I really was! Now I can walk four and a little more blocks. That’s good enough, though I do not know if I could walk all over town Cantilan. But, I will one day!

My right hand (I thought it was a sad thing that I am right-handed) is still less functional and I can only move my arms and fingers in limited positions. This means I cannot write straight (I love writing), cannot eat with spoon and fork (I thought it was quite glamorous doing that), and cannot do every beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) things that my right hand did before.

“Can I really work for You, Lord, with my situation?” I often brought this desperate question to the Most High God in prayer. Serving God has always been my deepest desire even when I was healthy. He, of course, answered a sounding “yes!” In fact He even said that He would heal me. His word, through my King James Bible, told me so many times. At first, I was skeptical. I doubted Him and His word, but then I knew, deep in my heart, that when He promised, He will fulfill in due time. He will really heal me!

Now, I do not ask anymore what I can possibly do for God in His service. You see, Mike sent me from Canada hundreds of beautiful Christian tracts. I would station myself near my sister’s house (where I live), bring a plastic chair and give tracts to passersby. I do not have to speak much unless I am asked, but I give them my sweet smile. These people may not seriously consider my effort (they do accept the tracts because they probably pity me, haha), but I am very happy doing it. My limitations pave the way for simple-yet-effective “works” which I may not have done, due to other priorities, had I been healthy. Mike still sends me tracts from time to time.

Since I love writing very much, this is another thing I offer Him. I do not have to use my right hand for now. I have learned to type the computer keys with my “lovable” left hand, thanks to daily chats with Mike. Time will come that I will be using both hands better like a pro because of the trainings I have now. This is really a good exercise plus I still can continue writing!

With Mike, we made an effort to come up with a “blog” that will speak what God wants of us: preaching, sharing and telling more beautiful, heart-touching stories that God had put and will continue to put in our hearts through prose and poetry. This is the birth of Couple’s Nest. We only pray that God would touch your heart in the most special way that when you read our write-ups, you would still come back to read more and more.

There are lots of wonderful things to expect from God ahead as Mike and I will continue to be used by Him in very special ways regardless of my physical limitations. Mike is still there for me as he promised God, through thick and thin, for better or for worst, and beyond the times of soon-togetherness. I praise God for using me, for giving Mike, and for everything that He wants me doings and will be doing for Him in His service.

(c) July 2009, Luisa Mercado

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