Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Uniqueness (Wonderfully Sharing Differences)

Looking back at more than 4 years of friendship and love, I have everything wonderful to say about a relationship that has gone stronger and stronger each day despite distances, cultural barriers and physical insufficiencies. I have more reasons to say this because Mike and I have gone through more than difficult situations, yet we have been successful in overcoming them. Why? Because we have God whom we make number 1 in our relationship. We are just second to Him in this love triangle.

It is not easy to love a paralytic like me especially when we are half the world apart and our only means of communication is the internet. We only see each other daily on webcam, if it would function well. The phone is the least option because I cannot talk well and he cannot understand what I am saying except when I say "I love you". Many times, we need to exert more patience to understand each other because we are culturally different. Although I can speak quite good English, language differences is still a problem. He is Canadian (white) while I am Filipino (brown). But as a form of loving endearment, we oftentimes call each other white and brown chocolates. We can even laugh at the individual uniqueness in us. These made us fall in-love in the first place.

This coined sentence seems very right for Mike and I: "It is because of so many differences that we have so much to share". It is also the right words to say to everyone in this whole, big, wide world. We can only wonderfully share our uniqueness and differences when we, too, have big, wide love for Jesus Christ in our hearts.

God bless us friends!

(c) August 2009, Luisa Mercado

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