Monday, August 3, 2009

If Jesus Would Not Come Back

  • Churches would continue to backslide, bring in Godless worldly music and continue to be liberal-minded.
  • Churches would remain prayerless.
  • Liquor stores, gambling houses, theatres, prostitution rings, pornography dens, and other wicked places would keep on graving and promoting their filth.
  • Cursing, blasphemy, and swearing would drastically increase.
  • There would be more social gatherings and devil’s music in church.
  • Women would put more paints on their faces and wear less clothes.
  • More men and women would smoke more.
  • Parents would consume and add to their collections of dirty magazines, playing cards, and filthy literatures in their homes.
  • There would be more flirting and more sex among young people, and teenagers.
  • Everyone would do less for the Lord, and expect God to do more for them.
  • We would continue to get more stubborn, rebellious, prideful, hard-hearted, and full of more resentment, hate and bitterness.
  • People would become more vocal in expressing their uncalled opinions, and would gossip and slander more.
  • All ministers would continue even more to tear apart what God has called them to do – preach the Word - God’s Bible, the KJB. Instead, they would rip his Word apart and proclaim theological superiority by claiming other “books” as easier to read and understand.
  • More TV sets and computers would be turned on to get satisfaction than to read the word of God.
  • More lenders would chase the borrowers into submission not caring whether they are able to give back to them or not. More debts would incur.
  • More people would stop giving tithes and offerings expecting God to bless them.
  • Those living in adultery would live more in adultery, not batting an eye or giving it no thought of its evil consequences.
  • The fridges of people would be filled more with the devil’s sewer water, wine, beer, hard liquors and all drinks that defile the body.
  • More sodomites would be coming out of their closets instead of staying-in and cleaning themselves.
  • Everyone will do more and more what is right in their own eyes with no thought in doing it.

So, friends, it is just right that Jesus Christ will come back soon so that many people will be aware, afraid and convicted, repent, accept Him as personal Savior and Lord, and change for the better.

What do you think?

(c) July 2009, Michael Carey

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