Monday, September 14, 2009

You Are Saved... Aren't You?

Do you know that you are the only most blessed person in your family, if you are the only one saved, friend? Yes, you are the only one who will go to heaven! Aren't you? This is very good news for you because those who do not accept Jesus as personal Lord and Savior; well, including your family and friends; will all go to hell.

Wait! Are you really saved, too? Ask yourself sincerely. Heaven or hell are surest places. Just think... You or I have to do something and now to avoid going to hell, because we know it is a tremendous place. The only way to do this is to make sure we are bound for heaven. Why now? Because, friend, many people die everyday, young or old, and for whatever reason. We do not know when is our time. Maybe a few minutes from now, something may happen.

Just a few days ago, a friend met a car crash that took her life. I do not even know if she was saved or not. Even my life, being a paralytic, is very frail. I live one day at a time, but I am never afraid because Jesus is my personal Savior and Lord. I am sure of this. You?

Why don't you read the passages below, three of them (two I wrote)
about true salvation. - Grace, Faith and Salvation: All In One; and Are You A Born-Again Christian? Check yourself and really ask if you are saved. After that, ask yourself if you have spent precious times really telling your families and friends about Christ and His offered salvation. Have you really shared the gospel to them because you love them? Do you want to see them in heaven one day, too? You do not know whom God would save, but nevertheless share. Do not be ashamed or afraid. Do not even be discouraged.

Friends, think now. There is still time.

(c) September 2009. Luisa Mercado

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