Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Music For The Soul

A few days after we started Couple's Nest Volume 1, we decided to come up with a separate blog solely for music. One major purpose was to separate the songs from the write-ups we did at the "nest" so that there would be no "unclear identity" of presentation. Music is music, prose-and-poetry is prose-and-poetry.

Because we love music, particularly gospel songs sang in our baptist churches, we came-up with carefully selected YouTube video presentations which can be heard on computer headphones or speakers, and added to them lyrics we copied from the internet. The accompanying lyrics were particularly written so that readers can really master the songs they like. We even included some chords along these songs for readers who love to sing with guitar accompaniment.

We are still continuing to update the songs from time to time, and we never stop doing so for the glory of God.

Friends, do visit our song blog, "The MikenLuisa Minstrel", at www.mikenluisa2.blogspot.com. See you there!

(c) September 2009, Mike Carey and Luisa Mercado

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