Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Poems For The Heart

This is a re-post:


Shake, rattle and roll...
But not to Elvis' song.

SHAKE the minister up behind the dead
pulpit by the Almighty God...

RATTLE him with the conviction of the
Holy Spirit to get busy for God,

and if he doesn't...

ROLL him out from behind the pulpit and
kick him out the door.

(Written for pastors and ministers of God as they perform their duties on the pulpit. It is also a reminder that God should be lifted high at all times.)

(c) April 2009, Michael Carey


Amidst uncertainties in life, we trust the living God;
Who knows just what's in for us, our destiny He molds.
His plans are certain, oh my friend, though we may never know;
But they are all for good, dear one, that's what I promise you.

If people hate us without cause, yes, them we should ignore.
When all around may seem to fail, we trust God more and more.
There's one sure thing that we can do and that's to let them go,
Then peace will reign deep in our hearts, the peace of God so true.

Our lives, for sure, we can rely: His peace and loving care;
And nothing bits the promised hope of heaven's surest lair,
If we would surely trust in Him, our lives to Him we pledge,
For certainty, we are God's own, our enemies would flee.

Ain't it good to trust in God always?
We hope we can do that...

(This was written minutes before I wrote a government institution regarding my birth certificate problem. God answered the prayer of Mike and I.)

(c) May 2009, Luisa Mercado


There's one little book I just took for granted,
T'was left on a shelf, all dust and neglected.
Nothing of value, I thought it was so;
Life's more important, that I did know.

Took me a merry, myself I was proud.
Wasn't life happy, I felt so secured,
Then out of the blue, this wanting reside
Dug deeper inside, my soul cannot hide.

Then now I remember that one little book
All covered with dust, tossed in a nook;
With one heart's desire I grab it so fast
Wanting to know what is hidden at last.

It tells me great things of heaven above,
How Jesus does save, He sure is a God.
I know that by now, this book is for me,
No better to read, this sure I can see

(c) April 2009, Luisa Mercado

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