Monday, September 21, 2009

Home Loving

Our stories in life begin with the home where we came from. I was born in a family that put more special meaning to loving than becoming rich and famous. We were brought up as Catholics. We went to church together every Sunday as one family. My parents were devoted in what they believed in, but they exposed us to reading bible stories, too. I could remember we had many volumes of illustrated bible stories at home aside from other books that my father loved reading. I usually offered these bible books to my friends when they came to play in the house with me. We were exposed to reading, too. My father used to say that books are the best decorations.

Those bible stories may have paved the way for my seeking true allegiance with Christ. Now I am a Baptist. I firmly believe I am a true Christian. I read my King James Bible regularly.

It has always been my dream to go into mission long before I met my fiance. I also asked God to let me be married to a man willing to go on mission, too, so that we can go together. Sooner after, I met a man who later decided to let God change his life completely without my influence. He wants to go on mission, too. God honors my desire.

Mike is a true Christian Canadian aspiring to go on a mission in my country, Philippines, one day soon. His story went back to a very devote Christian mother who guided him through the prayer of salvation at the age of 11. Although he had many heartaches before because of his bad choices, God brought him back to His fold because he is always His. The home that God created for him is His. Now, we know that our homes have great stories to tell us about who we are.

The Mercado's were not rich, yet the bond of love has brought us together even when all my brothers and sister got married and have families of their own. I am the eldest and very soon will tie knots with the man I love. No wonder I do not worry about getting married to someone poor for as long as he has God and loves me very much. With God's help we can nurture that love together, meeting all challenges in life with Christ as our captain.

At first, I was worried specially that I am halfway paralyzed, and may not be the wife Mike may have expected. But, Mike has shown me all the loving he can possibly give though we are distance apart. He has always been there since January 2005, first as a friend and now my beloved. He may not be rich, but we trust God for His riches to sustain us. We cling on to Him to direct our future as we will serve God in mission in the Philippines. God has promised through His word about healing me completely, too. I believe Him. One day, my country will become Mike's home, too. One day soon we will get married in the Philippines!

Friends, our homes are where our stories begin, but Christ is still the mighty foundation of our home-stories. We can always stand firm when He is in our homes. Make Him the entirety of our home-story at all times. He sure will make a great difference.

(c) September 2009, Luisa Mercado

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