Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let His Will Be Done

Just recently, I have undergone the hardest part in my life. It is the decision to release my beloved to God first before me. At first, I thought I was doing it. I thought I truly allowed Him to direct us. I thought God is with us when we plan to marry soon this December. Mike thought, too. We were ready to brave the rough seas because we believe it will really be the opportune time. We believe it will be the day intended for us because we prayed for it a long time. I believe it was the case of God allowing it because it was our desire. Afterall, for Mike and I, more than four years is enough waiting.

Then we face too much hindrances and difficulties even at the beginning. It was then that God told Mike it was not yet time because His plans are greater for him with me, if I will wait regardless of how long it will take. We were hurt, but He prevailed. Now we understand. He will put things in order.

I love God and I love Mike very much. We are still in love, but we defer everything for him to pursue the plans God has for Him. He has other plans for me, too. At God's appointed time, He will fulfill His promise for us. Let His will be done.

(c) September 2009, Luisa Mercado

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