Saturday, October 10, 2009

Forget Not Thy Grandparents

"Children, how many of you still have grandpas and grandmas, raise your right hands, please." Almost all the children in that Kids' Sunday School raised there hands in glee. Some of them uttered words of love as they talked about their grampies and grannies a little later that day. Others told of grandparents living in homes that had other people taking care of them, but that they visited them once in a while. They said they had wonderful experiences during these visits. Those without grandparents anymore because they were dead and they had not met them, they just kept silent. Perhaps, in their little minds, they were pondering. Had their grandparents lived longer, they would have experienced much love from them, too.

The story I just told you presented good examples of caring for the old people. Yet, we know, too, that many of us neglected these very important responsibility. We just are too busy to care.

Our grandparents are a big part of us, whether we like it or not. They are the parents of our parents. They need more of our love, attention, consideration, simpathy and support. One day, too, we would become like them, if we would not die young. We would not want that whatever unpleasant experiences they may have encountered because of our disrespectful treatments of them, we would also reap at old age.

Everytime my nephews and nieces became very mean and treated my father like naughty girls and boys, they surely received some not-so-well-liked words of advice from their Aunty Lou. I told them, "Mind your manners, Miss April, he is my father and your father's father. We love him very much. We would be hurt if you would continue what you did. He deserves respect and love." My niece kept silent. She knew I meant what I said.

Whatever is your treatment of your grandparents, you have your own reasons. I cannot reprimand you as I did my nephews and nieces. I even do not know what your experiences were with them. If ever you have mistreated these old people knowingly or unknowingly, God is not blind that He cannot see. He would count anything unjustly done (except when one would ask forgiveness). Our grandparents will leave us soon. Why don't we start showing them love while there is still time. It's worth it.

(c) October 2009, Luisa Mercado

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