Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some Food For Thought


A story...

A little boy goes to his best friend's house to play with him. Reaching it, he hears a distant noise like a slap or something similar. He quickens his step. The noise stops, he stops walking, too. After a few moments, he hears the slapping sound again. He walks towards it as it gets louder. The little boy is now scared and trembling not knowing what he will see.

Then the boy hears a slight moan, and then a louder slapping. The sound he hears is that of a strap, a stick, or a......... whip! Now he is really scared and trembling more. The noise loudens as he gets closer.

The little boy is calling his friend's name loudly. He then hears an answer, "In here!” A little voice hollers out; so the little friend, who was searching, has now found his friend. He comes to a small out-building in a field, glazed with bright green grass, and surrounded by a small hedge of light-green hemlock trees.

With the door slightly open in the dusty building, chair in one corner, broken table on the opposite with some tools on it, hammers, nails, ruler, and old steel shovel; the little boy peeks in and is shocked to see his little friend hitting his Daddy across his back with a small black, knotted, dusty handmade whip.

Young boy that he is, he cries out loud, "Stop!" His little friend says to the Dad's son, "Why did you do that? You're bad and very awful. What did he do?” The little boy, in tears, says to his young friend, "I've one more to go, save one." So, he whips his Dad for the final and last time.

The Dad turns his head towards the small lad who befriended his son. His son does not know what to say, so the Dad answered the lad, "He did some bad things and instead of spanking him, my love for him is so strong that, this time, I am taking his punishment for him. Yes, he deserves it, but I deserve it more, so that he will see and know that he needs more respect for me and love me more. When he is grown up he will remember when this happened. It will make him a stronger person and he will be a better man because of this experience."

The young boy is somewhat confused. His little mind is put to rest as something is revealed to him, and put in him a little wisdom that he so desperately needed. He knows what was done is done for a reason. The little boy understands.

Then the two little friends, crying, go their merry, lively way to play. The Dad, meanwhile, is praising the Lord God Almighty till he meet his timely death.

You see, the Dad was a born again Biblical Christian and he knew about the cross, the shed blood of Christ, and the death, burial, resurrection. He knew because he did the same to his own Dad; and his Dad to his Dad.

Out of a pure love and total commitment to their sons, Christ did also for us. He shed His blood for us that we may live. He, who knew no sin, took our sins on Him, so we may live, as He died on the cross at Calvary.

"...the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sins." 1 John 1:7

"If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9

(c) April 2009, Mike Carey

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