Friday, October 9, 2009

True Servanthood: Living In A Demanding World

Living as true servants of Christ in this present generation post a demanding challenge. In a world like I have (I live in a third-world country), most priorities are centered in the basic need of food. Shelter and clothing are secondary. Many pastors left the higher calling to seek secular greener pastures. This is a very sad story of faith. They cease to believe that God can supply all their needs according to His riches by Christ Jesus, if they would remain steadfast to their calling. He can even arrange their lives well in such a way that they would not lack the essentials in life! Those who remain true and steadfast to their vows, monied or not, God indeed is able to sustain. Kudos to these true servants of Christ.

Our church is not exempted to these "needs priority". Pastor appointed some deacons who, sad to say, could not be available for God's service because of other secular priorities. Those who are willing still lack the training. I know this is not only happening in our church, but in yours also.

I was talking above of Christians in poor countries. What about the rich world? Material abundance and self-satisfaction draw them away from God and His service. Who would need God when they have the means to buy what they need? There is even extra money to purchase the wants! Am I hitting weak grounds, too, when I say these? But, this is true. Again, kudos to the true servants of Christ in this self- loving world. They remain steadfast despite material luxuries.

Friends, I still pray that one day, God would touch each one of us so that we can be true servants of Christ, wherever we are and whatever our status are, even in this very demanding present world.

(c) October 2009, Luisa Mercado (mermalu)

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