Thursday, October 8, 2009

These Songs He Loved


Mike and I were chatting on the internet one day when I brought up to his attention the need for classic gospel songs to download on The MikenLuisa Minstrel blog. I really found it hard to identify the songs in the Favorite Baptist Hymnal I borrowed from my pastor, because there were more than two hundred of them! Since I am a new Baptist, I do not know the tune of the songs although most of them had been sung through the years by people yonder.

Mike is the kind of person who wouldn't boast about singing as he thinks he has a low voice (well, a good base voice really), but he knows how to play the harmonica (I let him play often via webphone, hehe). Definitely, he loves music as I do. We almost love the same things and music is one of them.

"Mike, could you e-mail me some lists of your favorite gospel songs?" I asked. He agreed with a grin. "I can give you the titles now", he said. Before I knew it, he was pouring on me titles of songs. He gave me 14 of them! Whew, all I did was copy and put them in the computer's My Document folder and thanked him. That is how excited he is every time you ask him something that interests him. That's my love, Mike.

Titles like Amazing Grace, He Hideth My Soul, My Jesus I love Thee,... were all beautiful songs I heard on YouTube later that day. I wished to download them at once. Unfortunately, the internet had low signal. I had to wait for another time. As of this writing, I have not finished the job yet. You see, not only would I download the individual song, but I would also include accompanying lyrics. It is something that Mike and I have committed to offer our viewers as we give glory to the Almighty.

Yes, the songs may probably be old and sang by your grampies and grannies. They may not even appeal to you, younger generation. But, friends, if you truly care to listen to them, understand the words by their meanings, then you would hear songs that would really speak to your hearts and souls.

We know because we also listen.

(c) April 2009, Luisa Mercado

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